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Our Academy trials have been completed for the 2023/2024 season. We will be announcing trials for April 2024 in due course.

Trials for Star-Tastic Academy are open to girls aged 4 and above who have a passion for gymnastics! We are looking for the following physical and psychological attributes in our squad gymnasts; strong, flexible, coordinated, determined, hardworking, excited to learn something new and most importantly, love gymnastics!

Our Elite and Supernova squads compete in IGA and IAIGC (International) Competitions, they train and compete on 4 pieces of equipment; Floor, Vault, Beam and Uneven Bars. In training sessions, we work on these 4 pieces of equipment as well as flexibility, conditioning, tumbling and so much more!

Your gymnast does not need to prepare anything for the trial. T-shirts/shorts/leggings/leotards are all acceptable to be worn to the trial. Hair must be tied up to prevent injury and no jewellery is permitted.

During the assessment, gymnasts will be assessed in all 4 pieces of equipment, as well as range and conditioning. They don’t need to have practised on all 4 pieces (particularly bar & beam) before.

Once the assessment session is over coaches will evaluate their assessment sheets in order to determine who has passed the required elements to be invited to squads.

Parents will be notified via email in mid-May whether their daughter has been invited to join the Supernova or Elite Squad. If they are not invited to join one of our squads we will recommend the most suitable Gymnastics classes for them.

All gymnasts invited to Elite or Supernova classes must attend a further 4-week trial in July.

Joining our squads is a big commitment to both gymnasts and parents alike. Our governing body IGA holds national competitions twice a year and gymnasts in the Elite and Supernova Squads will be expected to attend all competitions. Our squad places are highly selective, and with a high demand for places, we cannot guarantee your child will be accepted onto our Supernova or Elite Squad pathways. With this in mind, we suggest parents treat this assessment session as a ‘fun session’ for their child to come and explore gymnastics with little mention of a trial or assessment. This will help manage expectations and minimises gymnast becoming stressed at the thought of being assessed.

Any questions should be sent to Emily, Head of Star-Tastic Gymnastics Academy at