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Star-Tastic Gymnastics Academy presents members with Star of the Term awards throughout the year to reward progress and acknowledge proficiency in gymnastics.

Every year will also hand out our Star-Tastic Gymnastics Academy Awards with the ultimate Awards being the Elite Trophy. This will be awarded to the gymnast annually on the basis of outstanding achievements throughout the past year. The Elite Trophy is awarded to the gymnast for enthusiasm for gymnastics, commitment to improving their skills both in and out of the gym, actively participating in competitions, and being a friend to all other gymnasts. 


Elite 4 Most Improved2022Ella H
Star-Tastic Spirit Award2022Lyla R
Elite Trophy 2022Jane R
Best Teammate2022Ella P
Artistry Award2022Grace B
Elite 3 Most Improved2022Mae R
Elite 2 Most Improved2022Megan B
Elite Trophy2021Esme SThis year is the first year of the Elite Trophy, and we are thrilled to award it to one of our oldest and longest Star-Tasitc members. Esme Spencer has trained with us since the beginning at Rosebery, joining our afterschool club on a Tuesday she quickly became one of our most competitive and driven gymnasts. This year she has gone above and beyond our expectations, she increased her conditioning throughout lockdown, attended all of our zoom classes whilst also juggling studying and coaching.

Back in the gym she overcame a huge mental block with backwards tumbling, even going as far as gaining her yurchenko entry on vault! As well as regaining backwards tumbling, she has also got her tucked tsukahara on vault, Korbut flic on beam, handspring full twist on floor and Mo on bars!

Now off at uni, she is missed by all the gymnastes she coached, the ones she inspires and all the coaches who have taught her over the last 8 years. We can’t wait to see what she gets up to uni and for her to visit us when she’s back home!
Most Improved (Pre-Elite)2021Summer CSummer has been a member of the Pre-Elite squad for less than a year and she has already gained so many awesome skills, including cartwheel on beam, front hip circle and baby giants on bars!
Most Improved (Elite)2021Iris FJust a few skills Iris has aced this year includes her upstart on bars, handsprings over table vault and walkovers on beam. Iris’ dedication for gymnastics was shown throughout lockdown where she attended nearly all our zoom classes - occasionally joined by her dog who clearly enjoyed lying on her mat over their own bed!
Most Improved (Elite +)2021Jessica MJess has not stopped gaining skills this year. She put a huge amount of effort to keep and gain new skills over lockdown and that dedication is shown in every class she attends back in the gym. Jess has gained her yurchenko entry on vault, tucked tsukahara, flic connections and somersault on beam, catch and releases on bars and double twisting somersault on floor! She has been unstoppable this year and we cannot wait to see what else she does in the future!
Most Committed2021Annabelle XAnnabelle is one of our newest squad members, she was invited to the squad zoom sessions in the last lockdown and has absolutely thrived. Over lockdown she passed more badges than anyone else in the club and joined every possible zoom class available to her. Since joining the squad class Annabelle has become more confident on all 4 pieces of equipment, gaining new skills on all pieces, including cartwheel on high beam, backhip circles on bars, handspring flat backs and numerous skills on the floor. Her enthusiasm for gymnastics has continued to shine since joining the squad classes, she always tries her best, listens to coaches feedback and constantly wants to be learning and improving her skills.
Best Teammate2021Grace CGrace has been a member of the elite squad for a number of years, she is also our resident DJ. Always creating playlists that pump up her teammates for their energetic sessions. She makes friends with all the gymnasts not only in her own class but the other squad classes. At competitions she is usually one of our loudest cheerers, supporting all of her teammates. She radiates such positivity in the gym and is a great role model for our younger (and older) squad members.