Thank you for last night’s concert. It was fantastic and J had a great time performing. 

Jane H

Just wanted to say congratulations on a great show yesterday! The organisation was absolutely brilliant, and we were very impressed with what you and your team have achieved in so little time. It was also wonderful to see the progress O has made since she started. Big thumbs up!

Raphaelle S

I love Star-Tastic because it’s helped me improve so many skills and I am doing things I never imagined I would be able to do like aerials, back flips, dismounts of the beam, and more. My favourite thing is bars because they are so much fun.


After J begged us for some time to find her a gymnastics class, we came across Star-Tastic. Right from the beginning, her skills have been quickly developed, as well as her confidence. There’s lots of choice of classes, lots of coaches and individual attention. We are really happy with Star-Tastic.

Elizabeth H

That was awesome Mummy! Please can we come back tomorrow?!” say it all I think!!


From my very initial contact with Startastics, I was impressed with their efficiency and super organised approach. Sophie has absolutely thrived at the club. She loves that the coaches explain everything really well and that they are so motivating. Sophie originally joined the 4piece class but now also does Parkour and is part of the squad team and she is about to start trampolining and display. The club offers lots of classes for a variety of levels’


I love Startastic because the coaches are helpful and encouraging. My favourite piece is floor because I like tumbling and creating new routines, which the coaches help me with. I also love Parkour. This allows me to stay fit and do freestyle and compliments my gymnastics


The team have been fantastic throughout COVID, my daughter has maintained her flexibility and learnt new skills with the online classes. She is looking forward to starting an additional two hours of class a week from July! 


I get to do vault, trampolining, bar, beam, floor and its so much fun. The coaches help us to be strong and learn the moves that we find tricky. They are nice and funny!


I enjoy Parkour because it is fun. I am energetic and it’s good for moving about, running and jumping. I also like flipping!