I love Star-Tastic because it’s helped me improve so many skills and I am doing things I never imagined I would be able to do like aerials, back flips, dismounts of the beam, and more. My favourite thing is bars because they are so much fun.


I love Startastic because the coaches are helpful and encouraging. My favourite piece is floor because I like tumbling and creating new routines, which the coaches help me with. I also love Parkour. This allows me to stay fit and do freestyle and compliments my gymnastics


I get to do vault, trampolining, bar, beam, floor and its so much fun. The coaches help us to be strong and learn the moves that we find tricky. They are nice and funny!


I enjoy Parkour because it is fun. I am energetic and it’s good for moving about, running and jumping. I also like flipping!


I love Star-Tastic because I like learning new moves from my coaches and meeting new friends. I am really excited to get my chin up circle over on bar.


I really enjoy Parkour, I’ve finally found something I love doing.  No-one has any edges, they just encourage everyone no matter what their ability.  The feeling you get when you master a move you have been practicing is amazing especially when everyone congratulates you.  Really glad to be part of the group


My favourite piece of equipment is beam, I love doing a front handspring dismount. I also love handstand flat backs on vault!


I get so excited when it’s Parkour day. I love it because I get to jump off things that are as high as a car!


I really like all the teachers at Star-Tastic and the gymnastics lessons are really fun.  My favourite thing to do is a bridge, and I can’t wait to do trampolining in the future and attend the camps over the summer

MollyRising Stars

My favourite thing about Star-Tastic is how much fun I have in the classes. I also love going on the trampolines 

RosieShining Stars